The first thing Adam saw was not Eve, it was the landscape. Everything begins with the landscape.

Any doubts we may have about the possibilities of truth are laid bare and answered by it.

Ever since, we are of the landscape; not only do we live in it but are a part of it, the landscape is our essence.

To make his own landscapes, Lombana uses remnants of landscapes past, zooming out and around, uncertain, yet precise like lightning striking a dark cave, creating light without shadow…

In his photographs, the landscape begins anew: an idea of the world, of its beings and their nature.

Is this how the world turns?

A secret in the leaf, tears in the water?

Green wings through paths of leaves, looking for the seams in the trees, catching leaves burrowing in blind sprees.

Creating a network of interdependent forces holding the memory of the landscape, of all beings known and quietly unknown, their mythologies, their fruit, their light. Blind, undulating vegetation watered from above and loved from below. I can feel the earth breathe.

From where will the last eye see the entire universe?

Nature holds everything that is good for man.

Lombana’s supernatural landscape is a view of the New World: the Amazon, renouncing it is to renounce life.

How many of us defend the earth?

What is the texture of the stone made of?

Arturo Jaramillo