The “no-places” are transit spaces that tell a story through an apparently “universal” esthetic. The empty metro wagons are intriguing for its “non-natural” state; this contradiction awakens a strange sensation of tranquility and a lapse to observe the same life contained in time. Its esthetic in the functional and durable design responds to a particular culture and is thought to communicate subjectively the values of a society in a moment of history.

The metro has 154 years of existence since the first system was constructed in London and New York, both in 1863, may appear a reply to a change or event in a growing and connecting city, giving continuity to systems more ancient than railroads.

The photographic registration results in a spacial and perceptual experience measured though a lens of “fish eye”, converted digitally into canvas in an tribute to the “eye” of 50mm of Richard Estes that translated photography into painting.

Karen Aune, Plastic Artist and Teacher