Pure Life

Adan: The first thing he saw was not Eva, it was the landscape, and the beginning is with the landscape.

Doubt about the possibilities of truth, here is revelation and shows what they hide.

Since we are, we are also in the landscape and the landscape is one of the constituents of our being …

And to make it truly yours, Lombana inserts all the residues of the previous landscapes, surrounding constantly, uncertainly, as much and as accurate as the dry and blind ray on the cover of the cave, in whose dark interior is the light without shadow …

In his photos, everything he creates is different, an idea of ​​the world, its beings and its natures.

Is this the way the world turns?

A leaf secret, the crying of water?

Green wings on leaf paths looking for the seams of the tree, to photograph leaves burying on blind plants.

There is a knot of interactive forces where he downloads the image of the landscape, of his beings of unknown mythologies, of his flowers of light, of undulating blind plants, where the rain disguises palpitates.
I feel you here on the leaf, in the breath of this land.

Where does the last liquid eye see the entire universe?

Nature knows what suits man.

This supernatural landscape of Lombana is part of the new world: Amazonas, where to renounce it would be to renounce life.

How much defends the earth?

What is the stone footprint made of?

Arturo Jaramillo